Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Because a tree can not move
a tree can not defend itself
even though it is very large
a tree has only one duty
to be a tree
a tree can not entertain you
a tree can not tell you what to do
a tree can not take orders
a tree can only be a tree
a tree can only be itself
all the tree has to offer is shade from the sun
if you hurt the tree or take from the tree
no one will say anything
because it's just a tree
a tree is not a person
BUT, the tree can drop a branch on you
for no reason
and then what do you do?
you don't BLAME the tree
the tree didn't do it on purpose
it's just a tree
it makes you think about what you have done
if you did something wrong
perhaps the tree can show you
if you did something right
perhaps the tree can tell you what it is
but you must not hurt the tree
if you have to cut it down
you have to ask it's permission
because the tree is there to help you
and never to harm you.

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