Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Was it all a Dream?

Was it all a dream?
The air, the hills,
The cats and shadows,
The sun rising over the

The mountain, that same
proud and saintly
mountain, kissing the clouds-

The City on the Hill?
The Quiet City, the large castle,
the small castle,
The Basilica, the pigeons, the bells?

The paved hill and the seminary,
the crook in the road,
the happy faces, the simple life
the humble repast?

The ancient sleeping city
The train, the coolness of the
window pane on my temple.

The echo of strange foreign
voices, the certainty of my
only three phrases,

the book, made dog-eared by my
sweating palm.

The panic, the confusion
The acceptance, the peace
The pretty girls, the ugly men.

Was it all just a dream?
Was I there?
Did I see it?

Books, diagrams,

A house with every sound.
A name for every face.

When did I see my old,
and new best friends?

Were they there?
Was I with them?
Did I fall asleep?

Or am I dreaming still?

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